Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With the TV On

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With the TV On

Do you sleep with the tv on, ladies?  You might want to knock that off immediately.

A new study by the National Institutes of Health in North Carolina reveals that women, who sleep with the light on are more likely to gain weight than women, who sleep in the dark.

Researcher Dale Sandler says, “A high-calorie diet and sedentary behaviors are the most commonly cited explanations for the obesity epidemic and are the main targets for obesity prevention. However, exposure to artificial light at night (ALAN) may contribute to the obesity pandemic. Evidence from animal studies supports the hypothesis that light exposure at night may have direct effects on melatonin signaling, sleep disruption, and circadian rhythms, which could result in weight gain and obesity. ALAN has been shown to suppress expression of circadian clock genes and, in turn, alter feeding behaviors and lead to weight gain in rodents.”

Of COURSE this only applies to women.  Ugh.

-Sarah Smerz

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