What’s Trending Recap-  Week of 2/3/20

What’s Trending Recap- Week of 2/3/20


Carly Pearce tells Billboard magazine that she shares her success with her parents. “Everyone knows my parents were crazy enough to let me quit high school so I could sing. I never knew my dad was a crier, but I have found out that he totally is. He cries all the time when he tries to tell me how he feels about everything. My mom moved away with me after I went to work at Dollywood full-time, and took me to the gigs and these different places. She’ll send me a message just saying ‘We did it. We did it.’ That’s just a really awesome thing, and means so much.”


Brett Young tells Ticketmaster that he does two things before he performs. “One of them is have a shot of whiskey, that works really well. Plus a handful of push ups right before I go on gets the energy out.”


Jason Aldean tells Parade magazine that he can’t believe he has recorded nine albums. “It’s wild. I got in this business just wanting to make a living doing something that I enjoy doing, which is play music, and little did I know that it was going to turn it into the current career that I’ve had and be able to stick around this long. This year, it will be 15 years since my first single and first album came out. So that’s mind-blowing when you think about it like that.”

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