Teacher Writes Every Student a Note

Teacher Writes Every Student a Note

Teachers sometimes have just as big as an impact on kids as parents do.  If you think about it they spend almost 8 hours a day at school.  Kevin Boyer works as a school counselor at an elementary school in Lancaster, Ohio, which is about 30 miles southeast of Columbus. Kevin goes above and beyond to impact his students by writing personalized, handwritten notes that he gives out to ALL of his students. He writes that he’s proud of them, or congratulates them when they do well in school.  And when a new student moves to town, he writes them a welcome note.  This year, he’s decided to do it again, making sure each student gets AT LEAST one note. But he also pays special attention to kids having issues at school, or at home. Kevin says he was lucky to have really great parents.  And they used to put a note in his lunchbox every day that always made him feel good.  So that’s where he got the idea. Check out the full story below


Teacher writes every student a note

For me, it is hard to narrow it down to just one teacher that made a significant impact on me..it was several.  Out of all the teachers in my small high school in Dale, Oklahoma would have to be my basketball coach.  I always wanted to be the best, he not only did his coaching duties, he also would stay late with me, often 3-4 hours after practice to work with me.  He used basketball to teach me life lessons on how to get along with people I didn’t like that well in school and made sure I got the help I needed in class. He took time out of his schedule to tutor both girls basketball players and guys in English.


Story Credit: Lancaster Eagle Gazette

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