St. Jude Half Marathon Training

St. Jude Half Marathon Training

Just over 3 months from now I will be running in my 1st Half marathon.  I honestly wasn’t 100% sure I could do it on day one.  I started Dec 1st now just over a month in, I can tell I love the challenge each day brings.  Each day is a new life lesson.  From learning how to defeat my doubt to becoming a better me.  Yesterday, I came to a HUGE revelation in not only my training, but it life.

“We live in world where it is acceptable to tell yourself you can’t. Where we believe we won’t amount to anything. We live in a world where you have to compare to the person next to you to find acceptance. What happens if we drop this trying to be better than the person next to you and focusing on becoming better than the person you were yesterday?” (Read my blog to find out more).

I am doing this for St. Jude, which is very dear to my heart.  St. Jude is a symbol of hope for families all around the world.  It is a place people go knowing that their kid has a FIGHTING chance.  A place where the scariest news in the world can be overcome.  The kids sometimes do not fully understand what is going on but the smiles they have through it all are why I am doing this.  Cancer has taken people from me too soon.  No kid should have to fight for their life.  No parent should have to watch their kid go through it.  Over 90% of kids that walk through St. Jude’s doors are survivors, but I want that to be 100%.

I am running for those who can’t.  This is how I can make a difference in the world.  I hope you follow my journey as I grow as a person. You can follow my journey here: Heather’s Journey

If you would like to donate, I ask that you do.  Even if it is just $5.  You never know, your money might lead to the cure of cancer.  Lets fight for those who cannot. If you feel led to give, click here: Donate

Thanks for the love and support – Heather

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