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My name is Peyton Adams. You can catch me on the All Nighter Monday-Friday from Midnight-6 and on the Saturday Night Roadhouse from 7-Midnight. I am really enjoying working at WFMB! I have been here since August.

A little about me: I am originally from Chicago! I have been living in Springfield going on six years. I love music, concerts, local bands, traveling, reading, spending time with friends, coffee, and shopping! I recently graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield with a Bachelors in Communication and a Minor in Political Science, which is a great feeling! I love Politics! I have a nephew that I adore. I live for Cubs baseball and Bears football! I guess you would say I am a die hard fan! :)

You can contact me at: or on Facebook. I have an AIM as well which is peytonadams1045.

What you want vs. What you need?

So someone asked me what I want for Christmas the other day. I have things that I want like a Kindle, a new Digital Camera, a new MP3 player, etc. But then I have things I need like clothes, money, and a bookcase. I was way quicker to list what I wanted as opposed to what I need, and I don't think I am the only person guilty of that.  My question to you is, would you rather get what you want or what you need? Frivilous things or practical things? You would be surprised to peoople's reactions to this! What are your thoughts? :)
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What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish??

So I read this poll from the Orange County Register. It is a section called "Food Frenzy." They had a poll on people's favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Stuffing came in first place, and also happens to be my favorite too! Other strong contenders were Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie! My question to you is what is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving dish? Do you have anything different or special that you make? Share your comments, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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Are you ready for the Holiday's?

As we embark on Thanksgiving, which is one day away, I think to myself, It seems like this year has completely just flown by. 2011 is just around the corner! Where did 2010 go? I am excited for the holiday buzz to begin. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I was born on Thanksgiving and have had several birthdays throughout the years on the holiday. It's pretty neat actually! As excited as I am for the holiday's to start, I am also not even close to ready for them! 

That brings me to a few questions. My first question to you is are you ready? Are you ready for the madness of Black Friday, holiday shopping, travel, cooking, parties, and all around chaos? What are your thoughts? My second question is, do you have any speical Thanksgiving traditions? I go to a movie with my sister and/or other family members. Just depends who wants to go! Usually after all is said and done, we would go to a late or midnight movie every year! What is your tradition? Feel free to share your comments :) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
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Fallen stars...??

So I was reading something from and it was a list of TV celebrities who they think will never be on top again. This was really interesting to me for some reason.. not sure why, but it raised a question. They listed: Ellen Pompeo-Grey's Anatomy, Debra Messing-Will and Grace, Michael Richards (Kramer)-Seinfeld, Ray Romano-Everybody Loves Raymond, and finally Michael Fox-Lost.

My question is, do you agree with this list? I would say out of all of them, Ellen Pompeo would be in the forefront. She was in the cult classic "Old School," "DareDevil," and "Catch Me If You Can." All three were successful movies. Debra Messing has been in a ton of movies on Lifetime, but so far, her biggest movie has been "The Wedding Date," which has success. Michael Richards shot himself in the foot w/his racists outbursts. Ray Romano, well I think he was kind of annoying on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Finally Matthew Fox, who just finished "Lost," was also previously successful on the show "Party Of Five." He definitely has the appeal to get some movie roles.
TV stars definitely have the potential to make successful movies. Look at Katherine Heigl for example. She has been in plenty of movies and has more coming out. So do you think these are "fallen stars" or just casualties of a lack of casting? 
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Country and Rap?

So I read this story earlier about Little Big Town wanting to collaborate with Eminem. I am not sure how I feel about this. It sounds like it could be cool, but also very wrong! It has been done before. A few years back, Tim McGraw did a song with the rapper Nelly. It was a huge hit but personally, I did not like the song one bit! Then you have Colt Ford, who is country rap essentially. He collaborated with John Michael Montgomery for Ride Through The Country. So I guess my question is, what do you think about Country and Rap mixing? Are you a fan? Are you not? Should Little Big Town pursue a collaboration with Eminem? Share your comments! :) Peyton
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