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YSL Stain Gloss

I love lip gloss.  And lipstick.  And lip balm.  Basically I love lip products, however there are some I just can't get into.  Like lip stains. I like the IDEA of lip stains, but somehow they just never measure up.  Every one I've ever tried is uneven and extremely drying.

Then I heard about a new product from Yves Saint Laurent.  It's a got a ridiculously long name, (Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Gloss Stain, geez the French are ridiculous!) so I'm just going to call it YSL Stain Gloss.  It's supposed to be a hybrid of stain, gloss, and lipstick, and it's getting tons of buzz over the last couple of months.  I just had to try it, being the makeup junkie I am.

The first thing I noticed is the packaging.  It's beautiful and luxurious.  Then there's the applicator.  It's a modified doe foot...flatter , larger, and pointier than the typical doe foot allowing great precision.

The formula itself feels watery and cool on the lips, but after just a few seconds it dries and you have a nice subtle color on your lips with a nice sheen.  If you want more color intensity and more glossiness, add more coats.  The coverage you get is like a lipstick.  As for the gloss factor, after 2 coats I'd say it's a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being matte and 10 being super glossy.  After 3 coats I'd say it's an 8 out of 10.

The best part about this product is the staying power.  It stays on beautifully through every day activities including drinking.  I had pizza the other night, and when I was finished some of the product had come off, but my lips still looked good enough that I didn't need to reapply.  But you don't need to use any sort of special remover to get the product off of your lips.  You can just wipe with a tissue.  (I despise that long-wearing stuff you have to take off with a chisel!)

As it does eventually wear off you'll have a nice, subtle but noticeable stain of color left on your lips.  Plus it wears off evenly, so you won't end up with a ring around the mouth.  I didn't find the product to be drying at all, in fact my lips felt great!  

I took a few pics, to show you the coverage and amount of gloss you'll get with this product.  The first pic is without anything on my lips followed by pics of 1, 2, and 3 coats.  As you can see, the more coats, the more glossy.  Color doesn't seem to deepen all that much beyond coat number 2.  By the way the color I bought is #15 Rose Vinyl.  There are 20 colors to choose from, although Sephora has one exclusive color (#20) and Nordstrom has another exclusive color (#13). 



The only downside of the product that I can see is the price.  Since it's YSL (and their stuff is always expensive) it's pricey for a lip gloss at $32.  Definitely a splurge item, although knowing there isn't another product out there like it makes me feel a bit better about dropping the cash.  So this is one of those items I'll probably save for after Christmas when I have Sephora gift cards to use.  

If you want to see the YSL Gloss Stains in person you'll have to head out of town.  They don't carry it anywhere in Springfield.  You can find it at Sephora online or in the stand alone stores, at Nordstrom, and at Nieman Marcus.

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06/20/2012 10:29PM
YSL Stain Gloss
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