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The Wet Brush is MAGIC!

It's was a common scene in our house.  Kate would be just out of the bath with wet hair, and I would start to comb through it.  She'd scream, "Ouch!" and "Mommy, that hurts!" for about 5 minutes and then we'd be done until the next day.  Sound familiar?  Well I found the solution, and it sounds totally phony, I admit.

It's called The Wet Brush, and I have no idea how it works but it's magic!  My hair stylist, Kirsta at BJ Grand Salon & Spa, told me about it.  She said she didn't believe the hype either until she tried it on one of her clients who has very hard-to-comb hair.  I mean for years we've been told, "Never use a brush on wet hair.  It's bad!"  Not anymore.

The Wet Brush looks like any other brush.  The handle has an easy-to-grip texture, and it comes in bright colors.  That's where the similtary to other brushes ends.  I don't know how, but when you use this brush on hair (wet or dry) it just sort of glides through. 

The other night I had just washed Kate's hair (which gets all tangled because she likes to wear it down), and I started to use a comb on it.  Her hair was so tangled, the comb wouldn't even go through it.  Then I remembered The Wet Brush, and viola...her hair was combed out in about 2 minutes.  My neice has SUPER thick, SUPER coarse, long hair that is always tangled.  Every day she and her mother fight over the process of combing her hair.  The other day I sprayed her hair down with water and whipped The Wet Brush through it in just a couple of minutes with no screams.  My mom watched me do it, and she grabbed the brush out of my hand, because she had to try it for herself.  Now she's a believer.

Even though it's called The Wet Brush, it works well on dry hair too.  But I think it works better on wet or damp hair. 

I purchased my Wet Brush at BJ Grand Salon & Spa for $12.  If I were giving this product a rating based on 4 stars, I would give it 10!  It's that good.

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08/22/2012 1:41PM
The Wet Brush is MAGIC!
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