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The New Bare Minerals Ready Foundation

I've always been a fan of the original Bare Minerals Foundation, but let's face it...it's messy.  As hard as I try to keep my bathroom counter halfway clean, there's no way to avoid spilling some of it sometimes.  It's also not the best formula for travel or on-the-go applications. 

That's why I was excited to hear about Bare Minerals Ready Foundation.  It's pressed, so it's automatically more portable and less messy.  But because it's Bare Minerals, they didn't use all the nasty things cosmetic companies usually use to created a pressed product.  I love that!

This new product is also supposed to have a few other benefits over the original.
- It's supposed to provide more coverage.
- It's supposed to have wear longer.
- It's supposed to actually make the skin more hydrated.

So let's break it down!  First, the packaging.  As always, it's great.  Bare Minerals packaging is always nice.  The compact feels substantial and is easy to open and close.  The top of the compact is a large mirror to aid in application on the go. 
Next the shade selection.  Bare Minerals has 20 shades of this foundation!  Some for neutral undertones, some for pink undertones, some for yellow-olive undertones.  I read a number of reviews that said I would have to go darker shade-wise with this foundation, and they were right.  In the original foundation I use Fairly Light as my color.  After playing around the the floor samples at Ulta, I ended up going with Medium in the Ready Foundation. I highly recommend testing it on your face before you buy.  I NEVER would have guessed I was Medium in a million years, but that's the color that matched my skin perfectly.  (If you're unsure how to pick your color, it's easy!  Just go to the store and swipe a bit of the product along your lower cheek bone/jaw line.  Then head over by the window, so you get the most natural light.  Whichever color disappears on your face is the one for you.)

As with the original foundation, the amount of coverage you get is a result of the brush you use to apply it.  For this foundation I wanted medium to full coverage, so I chose the new Precision Face Brush (retractable version).  For full coverage, you would use the Handy Buki Brush or Full CoverageKabuki Brush.  (There's a chart on BareMinerals.com that shows which brushes to use.)

Application is simple.  Just swipe the product with the brush and buff on the skin (when you buff, make sure you apply some pressure to get the best coverage). 
I'm pleased with the amount of coverage and very pleased with the convenience of the pressed format.  My skin feels really, really good in this foundation.  I definitely feel more moisturized in this than the original.  As for the finish, it's just very natural looking.  It's not matte, it's not luminous...it just looks like skin. 
I wore the proudct all day yesterday and looked in the mirror at the end of the day to see how my skin looked.  I was really pleased.  The coverage was still perfect, and my skin looked great with a nice glow.  My favorite thing about it is how it feels like there is nothing on your skin.  I think that's what Bare Minerals does better than every other cosmetic company...somehow they make a product that you can't feel or see that manages to cover the imperfections of your skin.  Isn't that exactly what we've always wanted foundation to do?

I do believe I've found a new favorite, and I also don't think I'll be buying their original foundation any more.  Oh!  And it's SPF20.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Each Ready Foundation is .49oz. and $29.  Right now it's new, so the only place I've found it is Ulta.  But soon it should be available at Sephora and either Springfield location of BJ Grand Salon & Spa.

09/03/2012 8:02AM
The New Bare Minerals Ready Foundation
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