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After 15 years, we're down to the last week.  July 12, 2013 will be the last show for John & Michele in the Morning.  There's nothing scandalous to report...sorry! 
John will continue his reign as Springfield's morning show king, but he'll just be doing it with someone new.
Michele is moving on to a new phase of her career in the radio business.  She'll still be in Springfield and still with Neuhoff Media, however instead of being on the air she's going to be focusing on all things digital.  It's been a great 15 years, and John & Michele plan to spend this last week reminiscing with guests and playing some of the best moments of the past.
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The E Buzz for March 10, 2011

Lindsay Is Going To Trial
TMZ says Lindsay Lohan has rejected a plea deal and will now take her chances at trial for her alleged theft of a $2500 necklace.  This morning Lohan is expected at court where the case will be turned over to a new judge.  Sources say the judge will probably send Lohan to jail for probation violation while she awaits trial.
The store that's accusing Lohan of theft is making some interesting choices that are making people wonder about their true motives.  First the store sold the surveillance footage of Lohan to a media outlet that then gave it to "Entertainment Tonight."  Now the store is auctioning off the necklace they say Lohan stole.  They say proceeds from the auction will go to charity, although they haven't specified which one.  They are taking suggestions on their website.  Many are saying the store only accused Lohan of stealing to d.  rum up publicity for themselves.

Mel Gibson Takes a Plea Deal
Looks like Mel Gibson will avoid jail.  TMZ says Gibson will plead no contest to simple battery this Friday in regard to his altercation in January of last year with ex-girlfriend Oksana Gregorieva. 

Charlie Sheen Actually Says Something Nice About Someone
As CBS considers replacements for Charlie Sheen on "Two and Half Men", Sheen himself has weighed in on the idea of Rob Lowe  Sheen said, "He's a buddy of mine, he's a beautiful man, a brilliant actor, and I hope he does it and kicks it's a__ because I still get paid."

Julianne Moore To Play Sarah Palin
One of the most controversial political figures of our time will be played by actress Julianne Moore.  Hollywood reports Moore will take on the role in HBO's "Game Change" which is based on the book of the same name.  No word on when it will air.

Lady Gaga Dumps Target
Lady Gaga and Target had an exclusive deal to release a special edition of "Born This Way", but not anymore.  Gaga, according to, has dissolved the partnership due to Targe's monetary donations to MN Forward.  MN Forward is a political action committee that supported an anti-gay condidate in a run for Minnesota governor last year.

Survivor Continues to Survive
Survivor fans rejoice.  The show has been renewed for another two seasons.  That's season 23 and 24, and host Jeff Probst will return for both of those seasons. 

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03/10/2011 8:53AM
The E Buzz for March 10, 2011
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