Severe Weather Information

At "Springfield's Country Station 104.5 WFMB", we take severe weather seriously and our goal is to get accurate and up to the minute information to you when you need it most.

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With the NewsChannel 20 Storm Team and Weather Eye forecasts, advisories and radar available here on the web, plus access to the National Weather Service forecasts and weather radar in the studio, we will continue to track storms and alert you to their presence as they approach Springfield and the surrounding area.
Severe weather usually advances toward Springfield from the West, Northwest and Southwest and generally tracks to the East. We begin tracking storms as they approach in the Green areas of the map to your left. You will begin to hear warnings on 104.5 WFMB as the storms enter the Yellow areas, especially if it looks as though they are heading for Springfield and Sangamon County. When warnings are announced for Blue areas on the map, you can expect repeated announcements, every 10 minutes or so. More frequently if the situation dictates. If Tornado Warnings are issued for Springfield and/or Sangamon County, listen for EAS tones on the air, followed by the Warning information. Continuous information and alerts will be aired for any Tornados in the Springfield Metro Area and Sangamon County.
We continue to track weather as it passes Springfield until it exits Sangamon County and the Blue areas on the map.


Severe Weather Tips and Information




Flash Floods/River Flooding


Emergency Phone Numbers
AmerenCIPS - 888.789.2477
AmerenCILCO - 888.672.5252
AmerenUE - 800.552.7583
AmerenIP - 800.755.5000

CWLP - 217-789-2121