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Michele here!  That's my family there including my husband, Greg, and my daughter, Kate.

We live in Springfield where I've been since 1993.  Originally I'm from St. Louis, and that's where most of my family still lives.  Luckily it's not too far away, so we can get together fairly often.

You can hear me Monday - Friday 6-10am on 104.5 WMFB in Springfield.  John & I have the distinction of being Springfield's longest running morning show. 

This isn't my only blog.  I also have a Makeup Blog where I (and sometimes you) review cosmetics.  Make sure you check it out and leave your comments.

Contact Me
michelemitchell@neuhoffmedia.com or jmmornings@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnandmichele
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wfmbmichele
Phone: 271-525-WFMB 6-10am weekdays

Some of my favorites
- I like this site for news
www.people.com - Great place for celebrity news
www.sephora.com - Makeup galore!
www.imdb.com - Can't think of the name of that actor?  This site will have it.
www.qvc.com - Yes, I like to shop QVC.  They have some really cool stuff, I swear.
www.youtube.com - This is where I catch up on things I missed on TV.

iPhone Apps
I love my iPhone.  It's the greatest phone I've ever owned by far (and I've owned a lot of them).  In fact, I admit I probably love my iPhone too much.  I'm always finding new apps, and here are some of the latest I love...
Angry Birds- I'm not much into video games, but this thing is addictive.
Vougue Knitting - I'm a knitter, and this app is great.  You can keep track of unlimited projects and inventory all your needles so you never buy what you don't need.
IMDB - When you just can't think of the actress that starred in that one film, this will keep you from going crazy.
360 - This app allows you to easily take 360 degree panoramic photos and upload them.

Saw Harry Potter This Weekend

I've been waiting for the next Harry Potter movie, so I was very excited it had finally arrived this weekend.  I managed to get to the theater, although I had to go by myself because I couldn't seen to match schedules with anyone else.  Going to a movie by yourself is a bit strange at first, but you get over it pretty quickly.  You're not supposed to talk during the movie anyway, right?

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it.  For those of you who have read the books, the only changes were minor.  It's definitely a darker film than any of the rest have been.  There isn't a lot of humor as in previous installments. 

I have a feeling anyone who hasn't read the books would be terribly confused watching this film.  Even if you've seen all of the previous movies I don't see how you would be able to keep up with all the details.  Plus you throw in the English accents, and you're likely to even miss a little of the dialogue. 

Now we just have to wait until July for the final film.  I can't wait!!!

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11/22/2010 12:37PM
Saw Harry Potter This Weekend
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