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I love makeup!  And whether you love makeup or not, chances are you wear it at least sometimes.  Don't you want to make sure you're getting the best value for your $$$?  That's what this makeup blog is all about. 
I try products and services and give you an honest review.  From drug stores to department stores, I try different brands at different price points to give you the scoop. 

A Little About My Perspective...
- Quality is more important than quantity.
- Just because it costs more doesn't mean it's better.
- Multitasking products are a very good thing.
- Have fun...if a look doesn't work a little soap and water makes it all better.

My Christmas Purchases

People who know me know that love makeup, so every Christmas I get at least one gift card to Sephora.  This year I received my usualy Sephora gift card and some Christmas cash.  The Christmas cash I took to Ulta, and I found some good stuff.  My favorite purchase was a palette from Lorac.  I'm such a sucker for palette's.  They're so pretty and organized and convenient when you travel. 
The one I purchsed from Lorac, the Box Office Hit Full Face Palette, is particularly pretty, because it's done is a mock-crock style.  I've never actually tried any Lorac cosmetics, so this was a great way to try a bunch at one time.  Inside it gets even better.    There are...
- 8 lip colors
-12 eye shadows
- 2 eye liners
- 1 blush
- 1 bronzer

All this makeup for $35, but I got it for $24!  Whoo hoo!  Bargain!

Anyway, I got it home and got to play around with it.  Everything in the palette is great, but I particularly love the eye shadows.  They are very highly pigmented, easily blended, and they stay put. 
I don't know how long this palette will be available, but it's only available at Ulta.  If you want to pick it up I highly recommend it.  With all the goodies in this thing, it could be your entire makeup kit!

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01/14/2011 1:50PM
My Christmas Purchases
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