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I love makeup!  And whether you love makeup or not, chances are you wear it at least sometimes.  Don't you want to make sure you're getting the best value for your $$$?  That's what this makeup blog is all about. 
I try products and services and give you an honest review.  From drug stores to department stores, I try different brands at different price points to give you the scoop. 

A Little About My Perspective...
- Quality is more important than quantity.
- Just because it costs more doesn't mean it's better.
- Multitasking products are a very good thing.
- Have fun...if a look doesn't work a little soap and water makes it all better.

Great Inexpensive Eyeliner

A co-worker of mine recently started selling Avon, so I decided to try a couple of new products.  Don't you just love it when you buy something just because it's cheap, and then you end up loving it?  That's what happened to me with Glimmersticks eyeliner.

Glimmersticks are thin, self-sharpening, retractable eyeliners.  I decided to purchase a couple of basic colors: Cosmic Brown and Saturn Grey.  It turns out these little eyeliners are a steal!  Regularly they are $6, but they always seem to be on sale.  I think I got them for $3 each.  I was impressed with the pigmentation, the glide-ability (is that a word?), and particularly with the staying power.  While they are not waterproof (but they do sell a waterproof Glimmmerstick), they stay on very well.  It's become my go to eyeliner when I want something basic and quick. 

Now they have Glimmersticks Diamonds that have sparkle.  Might have to give those a try too.

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11/11/2010 12:24PM
Great Inexpensive Eyeliner
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