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Easy Way to Get Waves for Summer

I was perusing a magazine the other day and saw something I just had to try...a new product from Goody.  They've really been pretty innovative lately (in fact they even got an award for being innovative from Good Housekeeping).  I love the Goody Spin Pin, and now I think I found another great product.

Remember those sponge rollers your mom used to put in your hair?  Well my mom did.  You'd wet your hair, put the sponge rollers in, sleep in them all night, and the next day you had springy curls. 

Well now Goody's put a new spin on the old sponge rollers with their Goody Summer Waves Rollers.  They're still sponge rollers but in a different configuation.  They are shaped like a figure eight with a clip in the middle that opens on both sides. 

You just open the clips, wrap your damp hair around the roller, fasten the clips and wait for your hair to dry.  When you take them out, you have super cute waves in your hair. 
I tried it on Kate, and she was more than willing to be my guinea pig.  Kate has very straight, fine hair.  We wet it a little bit, put the rollers in and waited.
Now I admit, I didn't wait quite long enough.  Her hair was just slightly damp when I took them out.  It still totallly worked though!
I'm sure if I had her hair really wet and left them in until completely dry there would have been big time waves.

I got mine at Walmart, and it was about $10 for 15 rollers.  Not a bad deal at all.


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05/24/2011 12:27PM
Easy Way to Get Waves for Summer
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06/02/2011 11:48AM
My hair is also super fine and straight and as a child I remember my mother always putting sponge rollers in my hair for waive. I CAN NOT wait to try these out! Great idea for summer waive!! BTW just found the makeup blog and LOVE IT!!
06/10/2011 12:31PM
Glad you're enjoying it. Hope you enjoy the rollers.
07/02/2011 6:29PM
OMG Michelle - she looks just like YOU! She is precious! Loving the makeup blog :-) Former Intern Elizabeth
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