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Most Viral Videos of 2013

We put together a list of the MOST VIRAL VIDEOS of 2013! Enjoy...good memories!

The Two-Year-Old Who Made Trick Shot After Trick Shot
In February, a guy posted a video of his two-year-old son Titus making trick shots on his mini basketball hoop.  Since then, it's gotten over 13 million views on YouTube.  And it earned him guest spots on the "Today" show and "Jimmy Kimmel Live". Check him out here

The Baby That Woke Up From a Dead Sleep and Started Dancing When "Gangnam Style" Came On
This one's from February, and it's only gotten about 10 million hits.  But it was hilarious, partly because of how hard the girl's SISTER laughed. Click here

The "BatDad" Vine Videos
They got big back in September.  Basically, a guy wore a Batman Halloween mask, stared straight into the camera, and spoke in an over-the-top Christian Bale Batman voice . . . exclusively about DAD STUFF.  Click here
The Girl Who Accidentally Lit Herself on Fire While She Was Twerking

It was while she was doing a handstand against a door.  Then her roommate came home and knocked her into a candle.  It ended up being a HOAX by Jimmy Kimmel, but it was still one of the most memorable videos of the year. Check it out here

The Guy Who Woke Up from Surgery, Didn't Recognize His Wife . . . And Asked if She Was a Model
Some people thought he was faking it.  But even if he was, his wife seemed to buy it . . . so he's golden for LIFE.  Since it was posted at the end of August, it's gotten over 13 million hits on YouTube.  Click here
The Baby That Got Emotionally Overwhelmed When Her Mom Sang a Rod Stewart Song
The song was "My Heart Can't Tell You No", which Sara Evans also covered in 2011.  And the baby SEEMED to be crying because of how BEAUTIFUL it was.  The video has gotten over 28 million hits since October.  HERE it is
The "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" Videos
Back in May, some guy started posting Vine videos of dramatic Ryan Gosling movie scenes.  But he set it up so it looked like Ryan was rejecting a delicious spoonful of cereal. Click HERE

The Woman Who Quit Her Job by Dancing Through Her Office
In September, a woman named Marina Shifrin quit her job by showing up early for work, and dancing through her office to "Gone" by Kanye West.  A week later, the song cracked Billboard's top 20 . . . EIGHT YEARS after it first came out. Click here

 "Goats Yelling Like Humans"
The first two-minute montage was posted in February, and it racked up over 20 million hits this year.  Part two was posted a month later, but it wasn't quite as good.  And of course there were the mashups it inspired, starting with the TAYLOR SWIFT screaming goats version of her "I Knew You Were Trouble" video. HERE and HERE

The NFL "Bad Lip Reading" Video
The Bad Lip Reading guys also did videos for "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones" this year.  But the one from January featuring NFL players speaking gibberish was their most popular, with over 45 million hits on YouTube. Check it out here

 The "Harlem Shake" Videos
There were a TON of them, but the one from February by soldiers in Norway has gotten over 95 million hits. Check it out here

Ylvis's "The Fox"
Like "Gangnam Style" last year, it's a clear winner.  It's gotten 290 MILLION hits on YouTube since September.  And the song hit #6 on Billboard's Hot 100.  HERE




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Most Viral Videos of 2013
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