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Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor

The other day I was itching for a new lip color. ..something fun for spring/summer.  Naturally I was at Walgreens and did a little browsing around.  I already own about every lip gloss color known to man, so I decided I wanted more of a lipstick.  I came across Cover Girl's LipPerfection Lipcolor.  The claim is this stuff makes your lips softer and actually makes them look better in seven days.
Well I don't really care about the seven days thing.  I mean, the chances of me using the same lip color for seven days in a row is slim to none.  I was interested in the the softer lips though.  That's always a good thing.
Initially I thought this stuff was going to be great, because I really liked the way it made my lips feel.  They felt nice and soft.  Not sticky or greasy or goopy.  Just soft and smooth.
Unfortunately, while they FELT good.  They didn't LOOK good.  The lipstick I got was a bright color, and it started bleeding. Yuck!  I have many other lipsticks that do not bleed, so it must be the formula.  Also, I applied in the morning before I did the show...only drank, didn't eat...and after the show I had an unsightly ring around the mouth!  The lipstick had worn off in the middle.  Not attractive.
However, the packaging is nice, and I didn't notice any strange smell or taste. 
It's not that this product is horrible.  It's just par for the course for a drug store brand in my experience: so-so quality. 
If you're someone who's constantly looking in the mirror and are willing to reapply often, then this may be perfect for you.  Use a lip liner first if you're using a bright color, and it'll be fine.
But if you're someone who wants to put on lipstick and not have to look in the mirror again for hours (like me), then either don't buy this or don't buy it in a bright color.  It it's a more muted, neutral color, the problems won't show as much.
LipPerfection Lipcolor is about $7-$8 at drug and discount stores.


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06/10/2011 1:03PM
Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipcolor
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