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I love makeup!  And whether you love makeup or not, chances are you wear it at least sometimes.  Don't you want to make sure you're getting the best value for your $$$?  That's what this makeup blog is all about. 
I try products and services and give you an honest review.  From drug stores to department stores, I try different brands at different price points to give you the scoop. 

A Little About My Perspective...
- Quality is more important than quantity.
- Just because it costs more doesn't mean it's better.
- Multitasking products are a very good thing.
- Have fun...if a look doesn't work a little soap and water makes it all better.

Blond Hair without the Damage

We've all been trained to believe that having blond hair means having unhealthy hair, and up until now it's been true.  That was before Blondme.  Blondme is a brand new color and care system at BJ Grand Salon & Spa, and it means some really great things for your hair.  One of the major perks of my job is I get to try brand new things before everyone else, and I recently tried Blondme for some summer highlights. 
Some of the advantages of the Blondme products...
- It's the first and only line of color and care products that actually leaves your hair stronger than it was before.
- It can "lift" more color than ever before, so you can get a lighter color than ever before.
- The Blondme care products are specifically formulated to keep the color true.  Platinum stays platinum...golden stays golden. 

I love my Blondme highlights!  I have very dark hair, and Blondme had no trouble lifting the color and giving me a great look for summer.  Best of all...my hair is still shiny, strong, and healthy.  I mean who wants blond hair if it looks like straw?  Not me!

Blondme also has a deep conditioning treatment you can have done at the salon.  Unlike conditioner you use at home that affects the outside of your hair, this deep conditioning treatment actually penetrates the hair to make it healthier from the inside out.  I had it done, and my hair felt fantastic when I was finished.

Check out my video below.  My awesome hair stylist, Kirsta, was kind enough to explain the Blondme system so we can all learn more about it.  (And you can see my highlights!)

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07/11/2012 1:24PM
Blond Hair without the Damage
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07/24/2012 9:37AM
blonde me
michele:your hair looks great,she did an awesome job.
07/24/2012 12:03PM
I like the highlights, and I love my hair stylist! Kirsta is awesome.
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