Dave Marsh

Hi, I'm Dave Marsh-Program Director and host of "The Ride" home weekday afternoons 3-7p on 104.5 WFMB.

Here's just a little bit about me.  I grew up in a tiny little town in Central Wisconsin.  Got my degree in Broadcast Journalism at UW-River Falls and have been doing radio in some way shape or form since 1977.  I've lived in a variety of locations including Colorado Springs, Lincoln, NE and near Madison, WI.  I love radio as a career and the contact we have with the artists.  
Hobbies include:  Fishing, motorcycles (when I can borrow one), outdoor activities, gardening, landscaping and yard work.
Musical choices:  Everything from George Strait to Pink Floyd.  Love most kinds of music.
TV:  24, Fringe, House, SciFi-Star Trek and a steady diet of NatGeo, History, Discovery and Science Channels
Sports:  Packers, Brewers, Bucks--but I have a healthy respect for the Cardinals

I love hearing from our wayward listeners on line at wfmb.com.  Shoot me an email and let me know where you are.


Studio: 217-525-9362
email:  davemarsh@wfmb.com

A little history

For those of us that work at Neuhoff Media and 104.5 WFMB there are a few things you take for granted.  One of those things are the facilities in Southern View with have served us well for many years with minor exterior changes.  One part of the "place" is that old white building next to our Transmitter building on 4th Street.  You may not have even noticed it hidden behind the trees in our "pen".  But That building has stood there since the '40's.  At one time those were the first on site studios of WFMB-AM (then WCVS).  Actually, that station, when it went on the air in the 1920's had the WCBS call letters that were later purchased by the Columbia Broadcast System.  Our offices were in the house next door during that time. A few years ago, the old broadcast equipment pieces were all removed. The old white building hasn't been used for much for quite a while. It had fallen into disrepair and really the only thing hardy enough to be stored in it were some old signs and a ladder.  Just the other day our engineer came in the office and said there's something furry in one of the corners behind some things and it's breathing!..Gasp!! ..(not a chupacabra...they have very little hair)  What it was, I don't know, but it's probably gone now..  Today, it all came down, to make room for something else.  (Staff gym and jacuzzi?  I wish.)  Here's the video.

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10/27/2010 1:57PM
A little history
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10/27/2010 4:22PM
Good film
Did you get your permit from the Southern View office?
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