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A hot 40.

No, I'm not talking about me!

Yesterday, I took part in Decatur's 'Ride United' bike ride. There were 3 options: 10, 40 or 60 miles. I opted for the 40.

The race began at Fairview Park and took riders all over rural Macon County. I saw some places I had never seen before!

The temperature rose quickly, and added with a brutal headwind from the south, made it a tough slog. I'm sure it wasn't the case, but it sure seemed like we were always riding into the wind.

I decided to pass the first rest stop at mile 10. A few miles later, I regretted this decision. I had the mindset that this was a race, instead of just a ride.

The mile 20 rest stop was at a pavillion at Macon's park. I took a gel, ate a banana and slugged down a Gatorade. I refilled the water bottle and got back on my bicycle.

The trip back was a bit better. It might have just been easier knowing we were on the way back! Or, that it didn't seem like we rode south (into the wind) as much.

One bad thing was that the route's mileage was wrong. So, we actually rode over 40 miles. My legs were hurting and starting to cramp. I couldn't have gone much longer without a substantial break.

There was some good post-ride grub, and a free beer. But, the best thing was...a sports massage! I can't tell you how much better my quads and calves felt. Dr. Steve, you are the man!

This was the longest ride I've ever done. It was tough, but a good experience.

05/24/2010 9:19AM
A hot 40.
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05/24/2010 2:05PM
Even hotter 60!
We did the 60 mile leg - and it turned out to be 65! The worst part of the ride was definately the wind... hard from the south and a decent cross wind when heading east and west. But the ride north was a breeze!
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